ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Tendulkar Suggests Dhoni Should Bat at No. 5

May 24, 2019 9:08 pm

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is just a week away and the teams have started preparing for the quadrennial event. However, Team India has still not fixed the No. 4 position of their batting lineup. While the legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar suggested that MS Dhoni should bat at No. 5 position.

The No. 4 spot in the Indian batting lineup has not been stable in the past two years. The team has tried many permutations and combination for the spot but nothing worked out for the team. There have been many debates about the best fit for the No. 4 position. With the ongoing endless debate, India’s Vice-Captain Rohit Sharma had suggested that Dhoni should bat at no. 4 at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

However, the master blaster feels that MS Dhoni is currently in the right position in the batting line up. He said, “My personal opinion is Dhoni should be batting five. I still don’t know what the team combination would be, but if you are going Rohit and Shikhar as openers, to Virat at No. 3 and whoever at No. 4 then Dhoni could be No. 5. Then Hardik Pandya, an explosive player, follows them.”

“That way the experienced batsmen are well spaced out and Dhoni can stretch the game towards the end where he himself can be explosive along with Hardik,” added Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar feels the No. 4 position is nothing but just a number and any quality batsmen can adjust in that position at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. He added, “Now, a number of things have been discussed as far as slot No. 4 is concerned, but I feel if you have quality batsmen then they should be able to adjust their style of play at whichever number they are asked to bat. I think we have that quality which can go out and deliver at whatever number they have been sent.”

Sachin also talked about the importance of the lefty-righty combination of Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma in Team India. He said, “A left-right combination always helps because that means the bowler has to adjust his line every now and then and the opposition captain has also to keep thinking. And if there is a partnership the job becomes even more tougher. So, yes, it is important for a left-hander to be there to put pressure on the leg spinner or for that matter any bowler.”

There have been many ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Predictions by the fans and the cricket pundits. Sachin Tendulkar also joined the group and made his predictions on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. He predicted,India, England, Australia should be in the semis. The fourth could be one of New Zealand or Pakistan

Team India is scheduled to open their ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign against South Africa on 5th June.

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