The orange jersey of the Indian team has been in the headlines at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. While there were speculations that the new jersey would be revealed during their match against Afganistan on Saturday. However, reports suggest that the ‘Men in Blue’ will wear the orange jersey against England only.

The Times of India quoted that a senior industry executive revealed, “Till last week, the Indian players had not seen their new jerseys.”

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

“There is still confusion among various stakeholders whether the team would actually need to don new colors, For instance, the Pakistan team has been exempted from changing their familiar green although there are teams such as Bangladesh, which too, wear green,” he further added on the mystery case on the second jersey at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

TOI also reported that when contacted a Nike spokesperson to know about the Orange jersey, however, the Nike spokesperson did not comment on it.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

“For televised ICC events all participating teams will be required to provide for two different colored kits, except for the host country who has a preference in the choice of color and may, if it chooses to do so, provide only one colored kit to be worn in all matches throughout the event. In advance of the event the teams will be notified which colored kit will be worn in each match,” the ICC had said in a release at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

According to ICC, only England is allowed to wear their home jersey being the hosts of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. All the other teams will have to wear their second jersey if two teams having the same color jersey comes up against each other.

All the other teams at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 have revealed their second jersey except India.