The ICC Cricket World Cup is regarded by many in the cricketing circles, as one of the biggest events. The tournament has been running since 1975 and will be heading into its 12th edition in 2019.

Back in 1975, it was known as the Prudential World Cup, and remained that way until 1983. The logo for that also, largely remained the same for those three editions. That logo was represented as a globe, with a cricket ball depicting the earth.

The tournament was then renamed the Reliance Cup in 1987 when it was co-hosted by India and Pakistan. That year, the logo was change to represent a dove in cricket garb and holding a cricket bat in one wing. In the other wing, it is balancing a cricket ball.

In 1992, the organisers, Benson and Hedges, opted for more simplicity. In all honesty, this was one of the more popular designs, especially due to how it looked on the team jerseys.

Four years later, the Cricket World Cup was was backed by ITC’s Wills brand. Once again, it was hosted by India and Pakistan, but this time Sri Lanka became another co-host .The logo design featured a batsman with combining colours of the host nations. The title sponsor’s name was also featured on the logo.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
The 1996 World Cup Logo

However, from 1999 onwards, the ICC played a more prominent role. This time, the logo designers went in the opposite direction, electing to feature a bowler.

The 2003 Cricket World Cup was hosted by South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, for the first time.

The 2003 World Cup logo had a more interesting take, featuring zebra stripes along with the yellow flame.

West Indies played host to the 2007 Cricket World Cup and their logo was rich in symbolism and spirit. It was said to represent Caribbean life and encapsulate the spirit of cricket.

India and Sri Lanka returned to host the next edition, this time joined by Sri Lanka. However, in an unprecedented move, the ICC invited several companies to submit entries for the logo design.

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup also opted for this tactic where different companies from all over the world were asked to present their designs.