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ICC World Cup 2019: Tickets for India’s Matches More Expensive than England Matches

ICC World Cup 2019: Tickets for India’s Matches More Expensive than England Matches

Buying tickets to watch a live sporting event is far from affordable. Especially in major events like the Cricket World Cup, tickets will be even more expensive. However, with the World Cup 2019 barely a month away, the hype is increasing even higher.

The Indian contingent kick off their World Cup campaign against South Africa on June 5. With a lot of eyes on them, tickets for India’s matches are selling like hot cakes. These fixtures even include the highly anticipated India-Pakistan clash.

The Indian team also take of the hosts of the ICC World Cup 2019, England. In fact, it is reported that at some venues, tickets for the Indian team’s matches are a lot more expensive than that of the World Cup 2019’s hosts.

For example, India’s first match in the World Cup 2019 timetable will be in Southampton. There, fans have to burn a bigger hole in their pockets for the India-South Africa game compared to the England-West Indies match.

World Cup 2019
India vs Pakistan

A ticket in the Hotel Box is £100 more expensive for an India game than an England game. Similarly, tickets in the Rooftop Hamper cost £50 more than a World Cup 2019 England game.

It has been taken for granted that a vast majority of spectators at the World Cup are travelling Indians. In all honesty, it explains why the prices are so skewed. In fact, the India-Sri Lanka game at Leeds is set to be priced higher compared to when England face the same opponents.

The Indian team is set to play nine games in the World Cup 2019 group stage. All nine games will be played across six venues in England. Now, websites offering tickets are saying that only a handful of tickets are up for grabs. However these tickets are only for the New Zealand game in Nottingham on June 13 and Sri Lanka at Leeds on July 6.

In addition to that, these websites also say that less than 2% of tickets are unsold for other games. In other words, if India fans wish to see the Men in Blue play against Pakistan, England and Australia, they had better hurry, as less than 2% of tickets are ripe for the taking.

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