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“If We Win This Game, Will Buy You PS4”- Call Of Duty Pro Surprises Random Teammate

“If We Win This Game, Will Buy You PS4”- Call Of Duty Pro Surprises Random Teammate

100 Thieves co-owner, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, recently came back to streaming on Twitch. Nadeshot is a former pro in Call Of Duty and has been sitting out for quite some time now. In a July 30th stream, Nadeshot did something incredible. He hopped into a game of random duos in Call Of Duty: Warzone. In there, he met his teammate- Private_Pyle. This seems like a pretty regular thing for any Battle Royale player but wait till you hear the surprise.

In the game, Nadeshot was having difficulty talking to his teammate, whose headset mic seemed to be causing some disturbance. Nevertheless, after a few more tries, ‘Private_Pyle’ started speaking. Nadeshot, after having some conversation with the guy, decided on something really crazy.

“Your PS4 sounds like it’s about to blow the f*** up man. I can’t lie to you”, exclaimed Nadeshot at one point.  Private_pyle sounded dejected for the most part and admitted he needed to get a new one soon. Following this, things got very interesting for Nadeshot’s teammate.

The 100 Thieves owner promised to buy him a brand new PS4 if they won that particular match. It was such a wholesome move by the former pro. The guy who’d already admitted to being a fan could not believe his luck.

Nadeshot returns to Call Of Duty streams

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Undoubtedly, the game took a different spin thereon. The 1.7K/D random teammate gave out the best callouts ever. His comms were so perfect, even people on Twitter were all praises for the lucky man. A little bit of a scare occurred when he got sent to the Gulag. Nevertheless, he won a close fight and emerged back on Verdansk. Both Nadeshot and ‘Private_Pyle’ stacked up 11 kills, each, in the win.

While on the one hand, it is a heartwarming video to watch, people always get too excited thinking this might be an everyday thing. Free PlayStations? Everybody wants one! No judgments!


Source: Nadeshot Plays YouTube

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