Goodbye Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has sensationally claimed that he’ll remain as the Arsenal manager next season despite a heavy amount of criticism the Frenchman has endured. Arsenal are currently eleven points off the top and if things remain the same the Gunners would fail to win the title for the twelfth consecutive season.

In an interview with beIN Sports, Wenger reiterated his commitment to the club saying:

“During the season, [that criticism] was not very welcome when you fight for the championship, especially after the Tottenham game, when we were a bit unlucky.”

“I give my best to the club I love and if I can share that love with the supporters it’s even better. I want to make sure that I give my best and that I put my knowledge at the disposal of the team.”

“I am committed and have no doubt I will be there next season. I don’t worry too much about the rest – what people say.”

“All the rest is judgement, opinions and that is linked with belief from the last disappointment or result.”

“In my job I focus on how we perform. In life, it’s very important you focus on what you are appointed for – and I am appointed to perform and do the best for my club. My future is my future, I don’t master that.”

Despite the huge gap at the top of the table, Wenger still believes that Arsenal can still win the title by concentrating on their performances only until it is mathematically impossible to catch Leicester.


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