“I’ll Knock Povetkin Out” – Dillian Whyte Issues a Stern Warning to Alexander Povetkin

August 25, 2020 12:28 am

Former WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte vows to knock out Alexander Povetkin in the rematch.

On August 22, Dillian Whyte attempted to defend his WBC interim heavyweight championship against veteran contender Alexander Povetkin. Initially, the “Body Snatcher” was successful with his gameplan. He even knocked down Povetkin twice in the fourth round.

However, things took a drastic turn when — out of nowhere — Povetkin landed a nasty uppercut. The shot was so precise that Dillian Whyte was out cold before he hit the canvas. It was one of the saddest occasions in heavyweight boxing history.

Though it was a disheartening moment for many fans, Dillian took the loss like a champion. Post-fight, he walked up to Eddie Hearn and demanded an immediate rematch. He did not give any excuses for his defeat.

Dillian Whyte will get back to training soon

Recently, Dillian thanked his supporters on his Instagram.

“I wanna say [thanks to everyone for their support]. I am all right. As you can see, I am fine, I am well… We didn’t get the victory… In boxing, you caught, and then you just get stopped, that’s it.”

Dillian Whyte says it’s inevitable to not get knocked down or out

The heavyweight division in boxing is perhaps the most dangerous weight class. Anybody can knockout anyone at any moment. One punch is all it takes to end the show. Besides being a dangerous division, it is also one of the most exciting weight classes.

All kinds of things happen here. From getting knocked out cold to resurrecting from the dead, you never know what will happen.

“You fight a good fighter, you will get stopped at some point. You will get knocked down or knocked out… But yeah, we’re working on the rematch now. Hopefully, we can get in the November-December time,” Dillian said.

Whyte reveals how the rematch will go down

Dillian was winning the bout until the knockout happened. He still believes that he can claim victory over the “White Lion.” Also, he promised to knock out Povetkin.

“Another 10-12 days of rest, then I should get back in the gym. Then I’ll get ready and be back. Trust me, in the rematch, I’ll knock [Alexander] Povetkin out.”

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