“I’m Not A Money Driven Person”- Alexander Zverev

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The German star Alexander Zverev had some heart touching words for the victims of the Australian bushfires. Even though he’s not in his best form, Sascha had his heart in the right place as he is will donate $10,000 for every match that he wins and the entirety of his prize money if he wins the Australian Open.

Zverev explained the reasons for his generous contributions.

What Did Alexander Zverev Say?

Alexander Zverev revealed that he had the thought in his mind since the ATP Cup but could not act on it as he won no matches at the competition.

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He went on to reveal that money is never his primary concern while playing tennis-

“I’m not a money-driven person. I play the sport because I absolutely love it. For me to have the opportunity to do that, I think I’m very fortunate. There are people right now in a country we call home for ourselves for a month basically every single year that not only cannot do the things that they love but also lost their homes, lost sometimes loved ones.”

Zverev added that people who are privileged have the added responsibility to help the disenfranchised ones.

“Obviously I’m more fortunate than maybe other people are. But any cent I think could help, any way possible could help the Australian people, the Australian animals, the Australian nature in general.”

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He revealed the fact that he can help people motivates him to help the Australian Open.

“For me, if I win the Australian Open, I will be the happiest person on the planet. I think that the $4 million Australian will be in much better use in the hands that know what to do with it, and know how to help others.”

He credited his parents for developing a soft corner in his heart for the marginalized.

“For me, my parents always taught me to take care of first of the ones that you love but it’s also important to take care of the people that need it more than yourself. $4 million is a lot of money for me. For the people in need, it’s more important right now. So this is a gesture that I thought about for a long time.”

Zverev’s words are very commendable and should be appreciated given the intensity of the problem in Australia.

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