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“I’m Not Killing Myself For Nobody”-Evander Holyfield On Mike Tyson Blockbuster

Published 05/19/2020, 12:12 PM EDT

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Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson are in the initial stages of discussion in context to an exhibition fight that will see these two former heavyweight champions meet for the third time inside a boxing ring.

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Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson are now long retired from the sport. Back in their prime, they both held the heavyweight gold. They met a total of 2 times during their career. Both ended in Holyfield’s favor. The first one he won first via TKO. The second match he won via disqualification because of the infamous ‘ear-biting’ incident.

Right now as these two discuss a comeback, the stand at a combined age of 110 years old. Coming back at suck an age won’t pan out great for either. That’s why Holyfield went ahead and set some ground rules. He said there will be no winner, no loser, and no knockouts. This is an exhibition match and it will stay that way.


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Speaking with Daily Mail, Evander Holyfield said, “Mike and I talked once about this (the exhibition) and from that point on his people have spoken to my people. We are not at a point where we are at an agreement but there have been conversations.”

Discussing the actual possibilities of such an event he said, “There are some big people from different countries who would like for us to do it. My whole thing is, ‘Yes, if there is a way we can do it, then do it’. Me being me and Mike being who Mike is, I know it could be something big.”


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“If it could be worked out then there has to be an understanding that there can be none of this other stuff that happens (with Tyson). Ain’t nobody getting a decision or win or lose or going for knockouts. Exhibition.”

Evander Holyfield lays down the rules

Holyfield spoke clearly about how he feels about this. He said, “I didn’t really want to get back in the ring because I always said when I stop I will stop. But an exhibition, that is different. I am not killing myself for nobody. I ain’t looking for knockouts and I ain’t going more than three, three-minute rounds. We do it in an appropriate way. But I am going to be in great shape. And if someone thinks they going to hit me, I don’t want them to think I ain’t going to hit them back. I don’t know if it will be Mike. If it don’t work then it weren’t meant to be.”


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