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“I’m Not Really Panicking Now” – Elina Svitolina

“I’m Not Really Panicking Now” – Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina is going through a turbulent patch in her career at the moment. A poor start to the season continued with a first round loss at Qatar Total Open to Amanda Anisimova. The Ukrainian now has a win/loss record of 4/5 in 2020 as she struggles to get a foothold.

Last week, Svitolina lost to qualifier Jennifer Brady in the opening round of Dubai Open. She was very solid throughout the year in 2019, which makes her dip in form even more alarming.

Elina Svitolina
Elina Svitolina

In her post-match conference, one question put to her was what her mentality was at this point.

“Well, definitely there have been not the most amazing start of the year, but I tried to take the positives every single day, not really focusing so much on the loss that I had, for sure they have been very  surprising even for me because I couldn’t show my best, my proper game, even in the middle level.”

“I try to just regroup and each week takes a new challenge and for me that’s what matters the most now and there’s no point of focusing on the negative because they will only drag you down.”

Elina Svitolina vows to work through her issues

Elina joined forces with former player Marcos Baghdatis in December as he joined her coaching team. She talked about that, and her new process too.

“Yeah, it’s definitely is nice to have had Marcos with me during the off season because we try to work a little bit differently. It takes a little bit of time now this year to really adjust my game and to put everything together. That’s why I’m not really panicking now because still have a long year ahead and lots of matches.”

Another interesting subject brought up in the question was that of Grand Slam semi finals. Svitolina made the semi finals at Wimbledon as well as US Open last year. She lost both matches, putting up a very meek fight and winning just 4 games in each semi final.

She said she would not want to repeat any of her previous mistakes and manage a win the next time.

“For sure it will help me, a little bit of experience, maybe I will be not that nervous because I think in the first semi final that I played at Wimbledon, I was maybe too nervous and didn’t play like I wanted. I think this experience for sure helps you in the future and you have to just try to focus on your game and not think about that it’s such a huge match.”

She does have an experience of two semi finals now, but she has a long way to go if she is to make another semi final. She desperately needs to pick up her form as the next two Majors are edging up on the horizon.

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