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“I’m So Bad With The Right Hand” – Rafael Nadal

“I’m So Bad With The Right Hand” – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

There’s one thing about Rafael Nadal that has always made his fans curious. He’s naturally a right-handed person but has always used his left hand in tennis.

This certainly gave him a natural advantage in a tennis field dominated by right-handed players. The natural angles created by him were too difficult for them to counter. Many people credit this ability to play aggressively with the left hand as a key reason behind his success.

However, growing up, Rafa would play equally well with both his hands. In fact, he had a double-handed forehand. This forced his uncle and coach Toni Nadal to urge him to choose his better hand. Some people say that Toni purposely made him a lefty to leverage the advantage that would create for him. Toni Nadal and Rafa have clarified that it was more of an independent choice.

Rafael Nadal

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How good is Rafael Nadal with his right hand now? 

Rafael Nadal can still serve with his right hand. However, he has completely lost faith in his skills to create any kind of impact when playing righty.

He was once asked in an interview about his right-handed skills. The interview offered to play a tennis match with Rafa in which the Spaniard would play with his right hand. Surprisingly, the world’s best tennis player said that he would actually lose.

“I’m so bad with the right it’s unbelievable.”

Rafael Nadal had once talked about this weird dilemma. According to him, doing everything else with the right while playing with the left created a confusing situation.

Rafael Nadal

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“I don’t know if I am righty or lefty”, says Nadal. “That is true. Because is sometimes really strange. I don’t have anything of feeling with the left, because if I have to give you that with the left, I don’t know, I have no feeling. With this I gonna have all the feeling.”

It’s safe to say that his choice of becoming a lefty turned out for the best. He eventually became a force to reckon with in the world of tennis. Do you think he could have had a similar impact if he was a righty?

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