“I’m so Mad”- Shroud Livid With Fall Guys Issue

September 5, 2020 7:04 pm

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is probably the gaming sensation of the year. The battle royale has amassed millions of players, however, there is no shortage of cheaters in the game. The latest to experience many was Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek.

In his recent stream, Shroud encountered multiple cheaters throughout. They were all evidently using speed hacks to gain momentary advantage during different rounds in the game.

The first time he noticed someone using the hack did not go well for the cheater. Despite having the advantage, the cheater fell short of qualifying for the next round. Shroud did find it funny but things weren’t exactly the same later on.

In a subsequent round, some players cruised past opponents to quality and Shroud was amazed at how fast they were moving. He termed them as “zooming” past others.

Another round saw Shroud being in the yellow team and winning. That may not put an end to the apparent curse around the team, but it was great watching Shroud win with the team.

After being eliminated in that game, Shroud went on to play more. Things got worse for the streamer as he encountered another cheater using speed hacks. To make matters worse, the cheater eventually ended up as the winner.

No, I don’t allow it. I don’t allow it, I don’t believe this. Bro, he’s cheating. This horse is cheating. He is literally cheating. I lost to a cheater in the final. I’m so mad. I’m so mad”, Shroud said.

Fall Guys needs to be fixed

Cheaters in a fun-to-play game such as Fall Guys really go out to show flooded they are across the gaming communities. The developers have mentioned in the past that they are working to handle the issue. Popular streamers such as Shroud facing the issue over and over again is a critical issue.

Given the fact that Fall Guys is slowly making a transition into an Esport. The issue at hand should be solved as soon as possible. With the Twitch Rival tournament underway, this is not something viewers would want to witness.

Season 2 is hyped to drop soon, and hopefully, there is a better in-game system to avoid hacks and more.

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