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“I’m The Opposite Of A Falling Star”- Roger Federer

“I’m The Opposite Of A Falling Star”- Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis stars of all time. The Swiss maestro has won 20 grand slams and has shown no signs of stopping. Federer is the fifth richest sportsperson of 2019, according to Forbes. He is the brand ambassador for some of the richest companies in the world.

However, age is not on Federer’s side. It is all but natural to feel that your stock will decline once you are past your prime. Federer made a quote where he said that as an athlete of a certain age, you can feel like a falling star. Does Roger Federer feel this way about himself?


Why Did Roger Federer Make This Quote? 

Roger Federer revealed the reason behind making this quote. The Swiss star said- “This is how endorsements normally work. Towards the end of your career, you’re sort of fading away. Or maybe your success fades and partnerships sort of end. Or maybe you have fewer sponsors, which means less income, and then you end up retiring. And it’s okay to move on.”

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Is Roger Federer A Falling Star?

Roger Federer feels that he’s the exact opposite of a falling star. World Number 3 feels that contrary to popular perceptions, his opportunities ate actually increasing with increasing age.

“I actually feel my opportunities are getting greater and I’m having to say “No” more frequently than ever, which is the least enjoyable part of it all because I like saying yes. I like making people happy but I just can’t do every sponsorship”.

Roger Federer further revealed that he has to be more selective so that he can protect his game, his family and also find leisure time. At the same time, Roger feels privileged to be working with up and coming brands.

“I don’t know. I just think it’s a wonderful time at the moment. I’ve never been busier. I’ve never been happier. My kids are healthy, my wife’s great, and we enjoy our time, everything we do.”

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What Is Roger Federer’s Future?

Federer is absolutely right when he says that his brand is becoming bigger as his age increases.He recently signed a multi-year deal with Mercedes Benz. In addition to this, he has a contract with the Japanese company Uniqlo . With them, Federer seeks to have a greater role in Asia.

Among all this, Federer will also find the time to compete in the first grand slam of the year, which is giving record prize money this year.

Considering all the context, Federer is anything but a falling star.

Do you think Roger Federer can be labelled as a falling star?

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