“I’m tired of controllers getting hated on so much in Fortnite.” – Bugha

April 25, 2020 7:33 pm

Fortnite world champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf started off as a controller player. He may have said some nasty thing before about controller players and aim assist, but he takes them back. Like several other PC gamers, Bugha also expressed his disgust. He even went to the extent of calling it similar to hacking. 

However, things have changed since then. Bugha realized that it does not matter whether a player is on a controller or PC. What does matter is how much that player is practicing Fortnite. How well they are learning from their own mistakes. Bugha said it out loud on his stream last night that he does not hate controller players.

He just wants to spread positivity right now, and he wants to feel accepted by the controller community once again. After apologizing for his previous negative comments, Bugha seemed much more mature than other PC gamers’ who keep blaming aim-assist.

“I’m tired of controllers getting hated on so much in Fortnite.”

Bugha went on to address a few things which genuinely touched us. The young world champion showed some moral fiber that others need to take inspiration from. “God, I don’t care about controllers… I’m so much better. I don’t really care what input you’re on, man, you can’t beat me. It’s not even like an input like I have all the advantages.” A few weeks ago, he did mention this, and now it feels like Bugha is a changed man. “I made a mistake and now its time for you guys to forgive me”, said the world champ.

He said clearly that he was checking out the advantages and disadvantages of being a controller player. Bugha said, “keyboard and mouse players complain about everything.” He accepted that controllers are his roots, and although he scared them away with negativity, he wants to build his kingdom back. This statement made us rethink about so many PC players who spread hate for no reason.

“I’m sorry for what I have said in the past.”

“I scared them all away, but they are really like my home.” The controller aim-assist debate has raged on for way too long in Fortnite now. While half the community is asking Epic Games to nerf it, the other half wants us to realize why an aim-assist is essential in the controller. He admits his mistake and that says a lot about this young man. He also asked us a vital question, “do you guys agree when all the controller players get good, mouse and keyboard players start complaining?”

Bugha said, “All I want to see on Youtube now, is love from the controller players. Bugha is so inspirational. He is not like other keyboarders”. Indeed, the world champion is different from others in every aspect.

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