In Collaboration With Team USA Luxury Fashion Giant Worth Over $8 Billion Shares a Special Olympics Update

Published 07/28/2023, 5:30 PM EDT

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The 2024 Paris Olympics are less than twelve months away. The preparations for the festivities of the world’s most spectacular sporting event have already started. While several major brands are making moves to join hands with the International Olympic Committee, one brand is aiming even further – the 2028 Olympic Games, at Los Angeles. 

Ralph Lauren is a significant force in the apparel world. Established in 1967, the brand has made a name for itself for its timeless designs in clothing. In a major update, the company has now struck a grand deal with the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The firm has already hopped on its own joyride to create more hype for the upcoming Olympic Games of 2024 and the Olympics of 2028 as well.

Ralph Lauren: An official outfitter for the 2028 LA Olympics


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Ralph Lauren will be kickstarting their expanded ties with the official teams of USA and LA28 on 1st August 2023. LA28 is a privately supported not-for-profit body that is holding the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and the Paralympics. The company has released a custom-made logo for the same. Ralph Lauren has struck a deal to become an official outfitter for the Olympics, to be held five years from now.


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According to Women’s Wear Daily, the specially designed emblem sports a red and black winged ‘A.’ The design is a reimagined version of a previously used logo by the company that was popular back in the ‘90s. The letter ‘L’ and the numbers ‘2’ and ‘8’ have been written in solid black along with the logo of the Olympics. This is the second time that the Olympics and Paralympics will feature a commercialized logo in their history.


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LA28 emblem denim jackets

Ralph Lauren plans to initially use this unique and edgy logo on a line of denim jackets. The firm has planned to sell the denim jackets sporting the Olympics logo on its online website and via its store in Beverly Hills. The brand plans to unveil the logo at an event where several celebrated American athletes like Shaun White will also be invited. The unisex denim jackets will go out on sale with a price tag of $298. The company will, later on, use the logo on other items of clothing as well.


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While the company is making moves for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, the upcoming Paris edition is still on its radar. Keeping the long-standing alliance of the company with the teams of the USA, Ralph Lauren will also launch a customizable ‘Team USA’ capsule collection. A wide variety of items can easily feature this emblem. The company has been a long-time partner and an official outfitter for the American teams since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

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