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IND vs WI 2019: Virat Kohli Becomes Angry on the Controversial Ravindra Jadeja Dismissal

IND vs WI 2019: Virat Kohli Becomes Angry on the Controversial Ravindra Jadeja Dismissal

Virat Kohli

The controversy took place over Ravindra Jadeja’s run-out in the first ODI between India and West Indies in Chennai on Sunday (December 15). However, Virat Kohli was angry with the process taken by the umpires to reach the decision.

The incident occurred in the 48th over of India’s innings when Jadeja failed to reach his crease. But the confusion happened over the process of appeal and the other step followed by the umpires. Roston Chase, who threw the direct hit at the bowler’s end,┬ámade a polite appeal to on-field umpire Shaun George. The umpire, at that time, didn’t check with the third umpire.

However, before the next ball, Kieron Pollard asked the umpire to check the run-out again. After some delay and confusion, the third umpire took the right decision, although, questions over the process taken by the umpires remain there.

This incident also saw an animated Virat Kohli walking from the dressing room towards the boundary line.

Ravindra Jadeja falling short of the crease
(Image: BCCI)

Virat Kohli’s reaction

“The fielder appealed and the umpire said ‘not out’. The dismissal ends there,” Kohli expressed in the post-match presentation.

People sitting on the TV outside cannot tell the fielders to then tell the umpire to review it again. I’ve never seen that happen in cricket. I don’t know where the rules are and where the line is drawn. I think the referee and the umpires have to take that up and see that incident again. They have to figure out what needs to be done in cricket. People sitting outside can’t dictate what happens on the field. I think that’s exactly what happened there,” he added.

He further suggested that India were 15 to 20 runs short because of Jadeja’s dismissal. On the other hand, West Indies captain Pollard was happy with the right decision.

“At the end of the day, the right decision was made, which is important. We appealed and the umpire didn’t take it at that time, but eventually the right decision was made,” he said.

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