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Top 10: Indian Cricket Dressing Room Moments

Top 10: Indian Cricket Dressing Room Moments

Ever wondered what happens inside the dressing room after a great win or a disgraceful loss or even a pitiful run out? Rumors, personal history, pranks, and what not goes on in every fan’s discussions. But we fans get to peek through the closed doors via some cricketer’s biography or some public interview. So folks, EssentiallySports brings you top 10 most fascinating dressing room tales from the world of cricket.

10. Sehwag and Sunil Gavaskar

Sehwag always had a (very well known) weak point: playing square cut. Sunil Gavaskar recommended him not to play that particular shot. The fun part is Sehwag got out playing square cut and in the dressing room they both had eye contact. Sehwag timidly said, “Bhool Gaya Sunny Paaji.” Gavaskar, being the gentleman that he is,  playfully hit him.

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