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India might pull out of Champions Trophy- essentiallysports.com

India might pull out of Champions Trophy- essentiallysports.com

The first match of the Champions Trophy will be played on 1st June. With the start of this campaign, millions of Indian fans will want to see India defending the title but this might not happen.
A two-hour Special General Meeting meeting took place between ICC and BCCI representatives and the proceeding of the meeting made BCCI representatives furious. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the ‘Big Three’ revenue model, in which ICC aims to reduce India’s share in resources. Following the meeting, BCCI threatened to pull out India out of Champions Trophy. The BCCI will not let India take part in this competition unless ‘Big Three’ proposal is met.

What is ‘Big Three’?

‘Big Three’ is a revenue model used by ICC which allows Australia, India, and England to get the major share of revenue. BCCI has all rights to pull out India of this competition. “BCCI reserves its rights to take all necessary decisions to exercise the rights under the Members Participation Agreement (MPA),” a source close to the BCCI said.

Kohli and Dhoni during T20 World Cup 2016

If Virat Kohli and Co. end up sitting out of the Champions Trophy then this will be a big blow to the ICC because they will lose a big percentage of the audience. The ICC will surely reconsider their decision if they want to make a fair revenue from the tournament.
The tournament is scheduled to be played from June 1 to 18. India will begin their campaign against bitter rivals Pakistan on June 4.

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