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WATCH: How an Inch of Eagerness from Rishabh Pant Saved Liton Das!

WATCH: How an Inch of Eagerness from Rishabh Pant Saved Liton Das!

Rishabh Pant was a few inches in front of the wickets which saved Liton Das

In the final over of the power play in the match between India and Bangaldesh on Thursday, Liton Das was saved by a matter of inches. It was not the usual case of ball missing the stumps or the bat by a few inches. It was, quite bizarrely, wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant taking his gloves a few inches in front of the stumps.

After winning the toss, India elected to bowl first. However, the decision was not looking so good when Bangladesh got off to a good start. Openers Liton Das and Naim were easing in, when Yuzvendra Chahal was given the ball to bowl the final over of powerplay.

Chahal flighted a ball outside the off stump of Liton Das, who was tempted to go for it. Missing the shot, the ball went into Pant’s gloves and he took no time to remove the bails. This looked like a regulation stumping and it was supposed that Chahal got a wicket in a typical fashion- untill the third umpire intervened.

After a few closer looks, Pant was seen collecting the ball a few inches ahead of the stumps- which is illegal as per the laws of cricket. It was, hence given not out. And to make matters worse, the ball was declared as a no ball and the next ball was a free hit.

Chahal looked like making things happen, when he contributed to Das’s wicket in his next over. Das was once again beaten and the Pant’s collection wasn’t clean and the Bangladesh openers thought there was a run. Pant was quick to react to it and ran Liton Das out.


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What the ICC Law says about the position of wicket-keeper:

Law 27.3 Position of wicket-keeper

27.3.1 The wicket-keeper shall remain wholly behind the wicket at the striker’s end from the moment the ball comes into play until a ball delivered by the bowler, touches the bat or person of the striker or passes the wicket at the striker’s end or the striker attempts a run.

27.3.2 In the event of the wicket-keeper contravening this Law, the striker’s end umpire shall call and signal No ball as soon as applicable after the delivery of the ball.


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