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“They Declare when it’s Dark, They get Three Wickets when it’s Dark”: Faf du Plessis after Losing the India Series

“They Declare when it’s Dark, They get Three Wickets when it’s Dark”: Faf du Plessis after Losing the India Series

Lamenting on the comprehensive loss of South Africa against India, the African nation’s test captain Faf du Plessis highlighted how the opposition got better of them in a similar manner on each and every occasion.

In the three-match test series, India won the toss in all the matches and had elected to bat first on each occasion. And on each occasion, they put a big total on the board, putting South Africa under pressure. He also stressed on the importance of toss in away series, and seemed of the idea that the away teams can do with awarding the toss.

Talking about it in a press conference, du Plessis said: “Every Test match, they bat first, they score 500, they declare when it’s dark, they get three wickets when it’s dark, and when Day 3 starts, you’re under pressure.”

“It was like copy and paste in every Test match. (If the toss is done away with in overseas Tests) then away teams will have a better chance. In South Africa I don’t mind that. We bat on green tops anyway.”

In the administration problems that his country is facing, du Plessis also spoke about the importance of involving ex-players, who have the experience, more.

“It’s obvious that we need to make more use of ex-players, but it also comes with challenges. I suppose it always comes down to finance. I know for a fact that we have tried to get them involved, but the financial thing is a hurdle. We need experience in the team right now and that comes from ex-players.”

South Africa made a decision to revamp their administration after a rather ordinary World Cup. In the process, their backroom staff members were sacked in an attempt to change the administration structure. However, the new members were appointed only on an interim basis, on which du Plessis seeked some clarity.

“An interim coach, interim director – it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. We need to make decisions that influence the team positively, but also from a point of view that you have trust in people coming to work for more than just a month. [At the moment], the coach can’t hire someone for a month because, in two months’ time, someone might decide something completely different. The most important thing right now is clarity and someone needs to make decisions.”

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