India vs Sri Lanka 2020, WATCH: Crowd Sing “Vande Mataram” in the Abandoned Match

January 6, 2020 2:39 pm

As fans kept awaiting the start of a match that never came in Guwhati on Sunday, they ensured they kept themselves well entertained. Around 40,000 people who turned to out at the Barsapara Stadium, Guwahati for the first T20I of the India vs Sri Lanka series found their voice in unison when they together sang the national song.

Fans absolutely loved it when BCCI tweeted a video where the spectators could be heard singing “Vande Mataram.”


Many left disappointed with the ground staff & pitch

Even after the rain had stopped, the match could not come to a start with the stated reason being two damp spots that remained on either end of the pitch. Even things like hairdryers and vacuum cleaners were used to make the pitch ready for the game, but the efforts went in vain.

Many fans and experts remained disappointed with cricket not getting underway. Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan admitted that water going onto the pitch is disappointing although the full story us yet to be known.

Speaking to Cricbuzz, Zaheer said: “When there is water on the wicket that really changes the dynamics of the game. Everyone was shocked because the rain stopped and in today’s day and age this is the last thing on your mind that water has gone on the wicket through the covers.”

“Bit disappointing but we don’t know the exact story. Maybe the pitch wasn’t covered properly because to hear a cover not being taken properly is something which is unheard of,” he added.

Another former Indian cricket Aakash Chopra also called it a “schoolboy error” on Star Sports.

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