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Indian Football: 5 Interesting Facts About U-17 Team

Indian Football: 5 Interesting Facts About U-17 Team

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The FIFA U-17 World Cup is now in full swing. Unfortunately, India’s opening encounter with the USA did not go as planned. But there is still a long way to go and the team still have 2 matches left. Their next encounter is tonight at 8pm against Colombia. Before we go into the match, here are a few interesting tidbits of information about the U-17 Indian football team.

5) 7-Time Entrants into AFC U-16 Championship

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The U-16 Indian football team have entered the AFC championship 7 times

The AFC U-16 Championship is held a year before the U-17 world event. Unfortunately, India have never made it beyond the group stage on multiple occasions. In fact they have only surpassed that stage once. The year was 2002, the ‘Colts’ had reached the quarterfinals. However, they were soundly beaten by eventual champions North Korea.

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