Indian Wells 2019:- Moth Attack Headlines

Indian Wells 2019
Indian Wells 2019

As the reigning champion, Naomi Osaka kick-started her run in the Indian Wells 2019 with a victory against Kristina Mladenovic along with that she had an unusual experience on the court. There were moths flying everywhere on the court and she termed them to be a bit displeasing. 

“Yeah, I mean, they were flying everywhere (smiling),” she addressed the press at the Indian Wells 2019. “It was impossible not to see them. But, like, other than being on the baseline and stuff, it’s not — like, I don’t know. Like, when you’re serving and then you see, like, three moths right where you’re about to serve, then you feel bad. You’re like, should I kick them off? But, like, they’re already dead. So I don’t know. I don’t want to say it was annoying because they’re still like “animals” or “insects,” but, yeah, it was a little bit annoying.”

And this is how Twitter reacted to the exasperating moth situation at the Indian Wells 2019.