Indian Women decimate Malid ”eves”

By 6 years ago

Indian women kicked off their Asian games campaign in style as they thrashed  Maldives with a goal margin that’s even bigger than a tennis score (closer to badminton). The eves defeated the islanders with a huge 15-0 goal margin at Incheon.
Indian eves dominated the game most of the time and the defense was so strong that Maldives were not able to get even one shot on target. For India, two players scored 5 goals each. Winger Sasmita Malik hailing from Orissa netted 5 goals and emerged to be the major play-maker of the match. Attacking midfielder Kamala Devi also found the net 5 times along with strikers Bala Devi, Prameshwori Devi, Captain Bembem Devi and defender Ashalata Devi scoring a goal each. Head coach Tarun Roy was more than satisfied with the performance provided by the “Devis”. According to him the team reached the games village only on 13th and had very less time to acclimatise for the first match. When asked about the next match he said

“Our next match against the hosts South Korea will be a very tough one. They are one of the top Teams in Asia and it will be a big challenge for us. We will carry our confidence into the next match as we prepare for them. But we cannot afford to be complacent”

AIFF also tweeted the results of the match and one can interpret that this would probably be the longest tweet made by AIFF till now. The tweet goes as follows

“Sasmita 5th, 23rd, 26th, 80th, 87th), Kamala 17th 23rd, 31st 45+3, 66th), Bala 18th 45+1, (Ashalata 54th), (Bembem 56th), Prameshwori 90+3)”

With this huge win India are virtually into the quarterfinals but the next two matches with higher ranked teams like South Korea and Thailand proves to be crucial. The result should give a huge boost to the team as they face the hosts South Korea (ranked 18th) on September 17th and Thailand(ranked 29th) on September 19th. We hope that Indian eves make a mark on world football which could lead to a significant transformation of football in India.

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