Industry Insider Gives an Update on DrDisrespect Ban

July 14, 2020 4:53 pm

DrDisrespect was permanently banned from Twitch just some time ago. This incident resonated with a loud cry of curiosity across the entire gaming community. People are still unsettled, wondering what the real reason behind the ban is. Most importantly, we are left with the question, ‘Is he ever coming back to Twitch or even streaming?’

Rod Breslau, also known as Slasher, was one of the primary sources when the news broke. Of late, even he is maintaining a strictly need-to-know basis strategy.

The industry insider posted on Twitter, stating that he has not had any personal interaction with Doc ever since the ban. This only makes us more anxious.

Earlier, we saw that Nickmercs and TimTheTatMan spoke about Doc on their streams. It was only because DrDisrespect logged in the game, and donated $50 to Nick. While that was speculative, it seems streamers who are friends with Doc are also maintaining their silence over this.

DrDisrespect Twitch Ban saga continues

Recently, we learned the ban on Donald Trump’s Twitch channel had been lifted. Several people started asking whether it was all right to do such a thing. However, one thing we have to understand is that we cannot compare the two situations.

PewDiePie also took a while to comment on the issue. He feels that this ban can potentially point to a lot of things for streamers in the future. He also mentioned how Mixer and Twitch having a competition or lack of one, might be one of the reasons.

Slasher clarified his stance quite clearly with his tweets about Doc. At the same time, he mentions Nick and Tim just to give us an idea about what is really going on.

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Legal dispute for prominent streamers

Twitch spent a lot of money to sign DrDisrespect, and it seems absurd that they would permanently ban him for nothing. The sheer suddenness of this entire fiasco has left the fans bewildered. It has also sparked a new sense of fear in streamers.

Recently, we learned that Doc has changed his Twitter link from Twitch to YouTube. However, there is no conclusive evidence that DrDisrespect has signed on with Youtube. He will be free to stream there anytime nonetheless.

Whether or not Doc chooses to come back to Twitch is a different issue. Firstly, the reason behind all this has to be clarified. The best we can do right now is hope that things will normalize in the coming months.

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