Innovative Talent Scouting by the PCB

August 7, 2015 9:20 pm

Pakistan has already been earmarked as the ‘factory’ of fast bowlers. The country has absolutely no dearth of talent, but its cricket board has come up with a phenomenally inventive and a modern approach of talent scouting budding cricketers.

The Scheme says that an individual who deems himself to be fit for ‘competitive’ cricket can upload onto an official website a video displaying his skills and technique in both batting and bowling , which would later be reviewed for the scouting process.
The ingenious idea was put forward by the board Chairman Shaharyar Khan who was supposedly ‘fed up’ of hearing the fact that many deserving talents didn’t make the cut while the official NCA scouted for the same.

“The idea is to not only expand the base of raw talent around the country but to also ensure no deserving player is ignored in future.” The PCB chief had reportedly said.

He also added that internet facilities have expanded a great deal, even to remote areas and hence expects a bumper response from the cricket frenzied nation.

“These videos will then be viewed on a regular basis by the coaches at the NCA who will assess the talent on display. If the coaches find anyone suitable for future consideration he will then be called to the NCA for a further trial,” a board official reported quoted.

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