Insane Glitches You Need to Try in Fortnite Season 5 Before an Update Dusts Them Away

January 6, 2021 5:29 pm

Last year was full of extravagant partnerships for Epic Games’ Fortnite. Chapter 2 Season 4 had a Marvel theme which meant several MCU characters descended upon the Fortnite island.

A new season witnessed the arrival of new locations, new weapons, and also a series of new challenges and events. As usual, completing these challenges to get hold of new skins, emotes is a rather uphill task, requiring players to invest countless hours.

Additionally, like every other season, this season too has a range of hilarious glitches. However, not every glitch is as visible as the other. The devs try to get rid of these glitches with every passing update, but this is easier said than done.

Following is a list of some glitches you can get hold of before they’re dusted away with an update.

The emote glitch in Fortnite

This is one of the most hilarious glitches found in this season. The players need to access their settings to get a glimpse of this one. Visit the emote settings section and add a key of your choice to enable the ‘repeat last emote’ setting.

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That’s all the preparation you need before you head out to try it. Visit any location on the map and start building till as high as you can. Access your transversal emote section and choose any emote of your choice when you’re done building.

All you now need to do is press the jump and the repeat last emote command together to fall and perform the emote simultaneously which looks absolutely hilarious.

Going underwater

You need to grab a plane to head to the Grotto which is a point of interest in the BR. We’re not sure if planes will be available in the next update, so try the glitch while you can.

There are two water bodies and you can perform the glitch in either. You need to angle your plane downwards like it’s going to crash in the water. But right before it actually hits the surface, use your boost to go underwater.

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As soon as you hit the floor, make sure to change seats in order to walk around a bit. Failing to do so, you’ll just be launched in the air and will have to perform the task all over again.

Grab items that are no longer available

Players need to work pretty hard to grab the items available in the game, let alone grabbing items that have been vaulted. However, this glitch makes it possible.

Head over to the creative map and access any console to insert 0764-6290-6989. This will take you to a map with vending machines. These machines boast items that were once available in the game and became obsolete with new updates.

The players can’t carry these to their lobbies but can for sure reminisce about the good old days.

XP glitch in Fortnite

Several players have already accomplished this, but it still remains one of the lesser-known glitches that get you free XP.

Fulfilling this one is a pretty simple task. The players just need to spray on rocks and trees as much as they can. This completes the ‘destroy rocks and ‘destroy trees’ challenge. This doesn’t really work when you chop down trees to gather building material. Hence, it’s a glitch.

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Completing these challenges gets you 75,000XP which comes in pretty handy.

Every update brings in heaps of such glitches. While they take time to uncover, some of these are pretty helpful. Is there a glitch you’re aware of and want us to cover? Drop your input in the comments section!

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