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International Tennis Federation Release Statement Regarding Tokyo Olympics 2020

International Tennis Federation Release Statement Regarding Tokyo Olympics 2020

With the coronavirus running amok across the planet, the one question on everyone’s mind is- will the Tokyo Olympics 2020 be canceled? A few days back, the International Olympic Committee(IOC) reiterated their desire to continue with the Games as scheduled. Since then, the IOC has been subject to some backlash from many nations world over, forcing them to change their stance. The International Tennis Federation(ITF) released a statement of their own regarding the situation.

IOC will review the Tokyo Olympics 2020 decision

While the IOC was sticking to their stand just a few days back. They have since changed their mind and will review their decision on the schedule of the Tokyo Olympics.

Countries like Australia and Canada stated they would abstain from the Games should they go ahead as per schedule. Many athletes raised concerns as well, leaving the organizers little choice but to reconsider.

They did, however, stand firm in saying that the Tokyo Games could be postponed, but not canceled.

The International Tennis Federation released a statement supporting the IOC’s decision to review their previous stand.

ITF statement
ITF statement

The President of ITF, David Haggerty even wrote to all the member-nations of the federation to show his support for the IOC and their plans to review preparations.

Since then, there are reports suggesting that the IOC has made the call to postpone the Tokyo Olympics.

This will come as a welcome piece of news for many participating countries.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a complete stop. The only way to halt the rapid spread of the virus is to avoid social contact with people outside of the immediate families.

It would have been a near-impossible task to continue with the Olympic Games in this situation. Firstly, many Asian countries have a multifold of cases, and it would have been quite a task to still hold the Games there.

Furthermore, many countries have been crippled due to COVID-19. No more than Italy, who are under complete lockdown due to their dire situation. There was simply no way they could have partici[ated in the Games.

All in all, it looks like the event will no longer take place as scheduled.

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