intra-team feuds

F1 is not just an individual sport and requires the entire team backing a driver to ensure strong results. But sometimes, the relations between the two drivers or between the team and the drivers become hostile. This makes it difficult to sustain a champion worthy partnership. Here we bring to you some of the greatest intra-team feuds in the sport:

Greatest Intra-team Feuds 

McLaren x Fernando Alonso (2007)

intra-team feuds

Fernando Alonso was a two-time champion back then, who decided to join McLaren to make his winning streak grow, and brought with him the big cheque of Santander Bank while on the other side was a youngster who was supposed to only use his first year in F1 to learn. It couldn’t go wrong for the team, but it did. The new kid on the block was Lewis Hamilton and he felt at home from the start. He decided to prove to the world that he could be a fierce competitor from the very beginning. Alonso won at Monaco, Hamilton did the same the next GP, in Canada.

Any hope the Spanish had about the Briton playing the second driver role to him vanished soon enough. The prospect of having a McLaren-nurtured kid winning in his very first season was too good to be missed. At a certain point in the season, Hamilton had more wins than Alonso. Then, the Spaniard started to question some team decisions. Things escalated so much that he was on the verge of considering himself boycotted. What was to be a multi-year deal, started to melt fast. It became evident that the pair wouldn’t be together the year after. To make matters worse, both McLaren drivers lost the world title by only one point to Kimi Raikkonen. This was by far one of the ugliest intra-team feuds in modern F1.


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