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IPL 2017: 5 Young Guns Who Had A Dream IPL Season

IPL 2017: 5 Young Guns Who Had A Dream IPL Season

The tenth edition of the extravagant IPL was a grand success not only in terms of the viewership across the globe or on the commercial basis, but more than that it was a huge success to find out the young bloods who had a promising season for the franchise. With the stalwarts of the game failing miserably, it were these young inexperienced players who stepped up to display what we call ‘ more than expected ‘. IPL 2017 has dug out immense talent in the youth and nurtured their talent which will pave the way for these youngsters to make big at the International Level. Here are the key players whom we call “The find of the season”.

5. Nitish Rana

One of the main reasons why Mumbai Indians emerged as the Champions in the tenth edition was the young Nitish Rana. There have been various games in the league matches where Nitish Rana was the prime reason for their victory. Rana’s performances in the league matches has been exceptional and he is the one of the reasons why MI got the top berth in the points table. Had MI not been at the top, the might not have got the second life in the playoffs. The Delhi based young Rana has stepped up as a fine middle order batsman when big names like Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard have failed.




Runs: 333


High Score:60

Strike Rate:126.13

4s/6s: 24/17

Nitish Rana
Nitish Rana celebrates his half century in IPL 2017.
Picture source: indianexpress.com
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