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IPL 2017: Twitter Reacts To A Heart Stopping IPL Final

IPL 2017: Twitter Reacts To A Heart Stopping IPL Final


The final of IPL 10 was no less than a suspense thriller. You could equate it to a Bollywood blockbuster, it had everything melodrama, suspense, glamour, a hero-villain fight and a happy ending (well at least for the Mumbai Indians!).

Mumbai Indians won their third IPL title and now hold the record. Seems like the team has been on a record making spree; first 100 T20 wins, then most wins in IPL in 10 years (91) and now a record third title, they’ve labeled themselves as the team of the decade and well the numbers won’t let you deny it. But our heart goes out to the Rising Pune Supergiant who gave everything they had to try and win this thriller, in what possibly was their last IPL match.

The final was nail-biting, heart stopping, and all other terms which could define adrenaline rush and excitement of a thriller and twitter too couldn’t hold it back. Here are some reactions to the stunning IPL finale:

When the legend himself says it…

This was pretty much the state of every MI supporter on the night of the final

Ravichandran Ashwin at his wittiest…

Well that’s some analogy…

Viru’s parody account seems to be blessed with equal wit

Nobody could some it up better than Harsha Bhogle!

Even the commentators haven’t been through such a nervy ride

Even the stars couldn’t hold back their emotions

The story between MI and RPS this IPL…


Michael was left speechless too..

He isn’t really aging, is he?

You gotta feel for them

Just one line to describe the roller coaster this IPL has been…

well this IPL was certainlyย a new story, what do you think IPL 11 will bring?

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