IPL 2019: Controversies That Took The Center Stage

May 14, 2019 1:03 am

Controversies and IPL are closely associated with each other. The quality of cricket, drama, and controversies had its equal share in the IPL 2019. There were many controversies that took the center stage in the 12th edition of IPL. Here are such controversial moments that rocked the IPL 2019.

1. Ashwin ‘Mankading’ Buttler

The mankading incident has been the biggest highlight of the IPL 2019. It turned out to be the biggest controversy in the history of IPL. R Ashwin mankaded the in-form Jos Buttler, who was taking the match on the Rajasthan Royals side single-handedly.

While mankading is within the rules of the game as per MCC but it is also said to be against the spirit of the game. Ashwin was questioned by many but he also got some support as playing smart cricket. Ashwin did not break any rules but he stopped his balling action and waited for Buttler to leave the crease (unintentionally) which created the controversy. It would have been better if Ashwin had given a warning to the English batsman.

2. Umpiring Howler in RCB vs MI clash

The matchup between RCB and MI was one of the most entertaining matches of the IPL 2019. But unfortunately, the match will be remembered for an umpiring howler.

It was the last ball of the match with RCB needing 7 off the last ball. It was AB de Villiers facing Lasith Malinga in the last ball. The South African batsman managed to get my 2 runs off the last ball as RCB lost the match by 4 runs. But here comes the turning point, the replay showed the Malinga had overstepped in the last ball, but it was too late as players were already shaking hands. The scenario could have been completely different if the no-ball had been detected by the umpires.

3. When ‘captain cool’ lost his cool

Chennai Super Kings were up against the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL 2019 where CSK won a thrilling match in the last delivery of the match. But something unusual happened in this match as MS Dhoni was seen losing his temper.

CSK, batting second required 6 off the last two deliveries with Mitchell Santner on the crease. Ben Stokes bowling the last over bowled an over the waist second last delivery. But there was some confusion between both the umpires and the no-ball was not given. The captain cool lost his composure and surprisingly came on the field. He went on till the pitch and had a detailed argument with the umpires. Dhoni was clearly unhappy with the decision and showed his anger by walking uncharacteristically on the ground. Santner won the match by hitting a six in the next ball but the match will be remembered for a rare scenery of MS Dhoni losing his cool.

4. Kieron Pollard mocking the umpire in IPL 2019 finals

It was the finals of the IPL 2019 when MI batsmen led to a below-par target for the CSK to chase. Birthday boy, Kieron Pollard saved the day for the Mumbai Indians as he took his team to a defendable total.

In the last over of the MI innings, Pollard took the charge against Dwayne Bravo. He smashed the ball to the mid-off in the first delivery, but he did not bother to run when it could have been an easy two. In the next delivery, Bravo bowled a little wide delivery but as Pollard moved across the stumps, the umpires refused to call it a wide.

Bravo bowled a wider ball in the next delivery and this time, Pollard did not move across the stumps. But again the umpire did not call it a wide. The West Indian batsman got furious after the poor decision. He took a dig at the umpires in the next ball as he was standing way outside the wide line and moved away at the last moment. Both the umpires warned him for his action but he looked disinterested talking to them. Pollard furiously smashed two crucial boundaries in the last two deliveries of the innings.

5. MS Dhoni controversial run out

During the IPL 2019 finals between MI and CSK, MS Dhoni was given run out at the hands of the young Ishan Kishan. The run out came at a crucial moment which turned the game back for the Mumbai Indians.

The run out was too close to give out as the benefit of the doubt goes to the batsman as per the rules of cricket. But it is up to the umpire to whom he gives the benefit of the doubt. Llong, who was the third umpire of the match was convinced that Dhoni didn’t make it to the crease. While in the replays, one angle showed that Dhoni’s bat was inside the crease when the stumps light lit up. But the other angle showed that he couldn’t make it to the crease when the bails were out. CSK eventually lost by 1 run and so, that decision made a huge impact on the match.


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