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IPL 2020: BCCI to Consider Nine-team IPL Instead of Ten for Now

IPL 2020: BCCI to Consider Nine-team IPL Instead of Ten for Now

IPL 2020

BCCI is all set to consider one new franchise from IPL 2020 and it will last at least until 2022. One of the major reasons behind this could be time as according to the earlier plan being the ICC future tours programme that might not be able to host 90 matches in a limited duration as a ten-team tournament’s league stage will require.

“Nine teams work well until a new FTP can fall in place (2023) and BCCI can introduce the 10th team,” a source close to the matter shared TOI.

Even, the board isn’t also sure about the current market situation. “There are buyers. That’s not the point. But are there enough buyers coming to the table where bidding can be a competitive process? For one franchise, yes. For two, let’s see,” the source further added.

The new venue in Ahmedabad which has a capacity of 1.1 lakh is to be ready and available next year by March and expected to be used in IPL 2020, according to the reported.

IPL 2020

“There will be takers, given the following for cricket in Ahmedabad and the resources available there. So, if a tender is brought out for one franchise right now, there’ll certainly be great amount of interest and will set a benchmark for the future.”

However, there is the issue related to the now-disbanded teams as well Kochi Tuskers Kerala is one of them and the franchise is required to be paid in excess of Rs 1500 crore as per the negotiation result. Along with this, Deccan Chargers and Sahara Pune Warriors also belongs to the same category.

“Will Kochi Tuskers be offered money or a franchise? It’s a big question,” the source shared. “Regardless of whether BCCI is in a strong position in some cases or on the backfoot on some, the point is that legal cases are on and smoothly settling them before beginning afresh is the right thing to do.”

The final call over the matter will be taken on December 1.

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