IPL 2020 Reported to Undergo a Few Changes in Schedule & Match Timings

October 23, 2019 6:23 pm

The 2020 edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) might undergo a few changes with regards to its schedule and the timings of the matches.

Firstly, there might be a fewer number of day matches, meaning the tournament could go on for a little longer than usual. IPL has generally seen double headers during the weekends, where the first game starts at 4 pm. The Indian Express reported that it might not be the case going further.

This will increase the overall tournament span. Although the IPL has a window of 60 days, it is usually wrapped up within 45 days. The proposed change in schedule could mean a full utilisation of the window.

The newspaper also reported that the IPL is likely to start on April 1 and could end by May 30.

“There is a plan in place of playing more games at night. If it is passed, each team will have to play only one game in the afternoon. Teams who play in the north face heatwaves and conditions get more difficult. There is a plan of using all 60 days instead of wrapping up the IPL in 45 days. The IPL GC has to approve it,” a source from the board was quoted as saying by Indian Express.

Secondly, the reports included that the night matches in the 13th edition of IPL might start earlier than usual. The scheduled time of 8 pm so far might be changed to 7 pm. This will ensure that the matches do not go too late into the night. There have been matches which get delayed due to multiple reasons and go deep into the night. And if it is affected by rain, the match takes even longer to finish. This becomes difficult for supports in the ground as well as those watching from home. Keeping this in mind, the changes were proposed which are yet to confirmed.

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