IPL Playoffs 2019: Why KKR Failed to Qualify for the Playoffs?

May 7, 2019 12:18 am

KKR started the IPL 2019 season in an emphatic way. But their journey ended on Sunday following their defeat against MI. KKR was one of the top contenders to qualify for IPL playoffs 2019 but the franchise failed to do so.

The 12th edition of IPL was an eye-opener for the team management and the think tankers of KKR as they failed to capitalize their chances to qualify for the IPL playoffs 2019. The team lost 6 consecutive matches, making it difficult to qualify for the IPL playoffs 2019.

Dinesh Karthik-led KKR ended the IPL miserably after a solid start. There were many talking points about the captainship of Dinesh Karthik. The franchise completely failed to perform as a team and the results prove that. Let’s take a look at the major reasons responsible for the failure of KKR to reach the IPL playoffs 2019.

1. Failure of Dinesh Karthik as a captain

Dinesh Karthik certainly failed to perform as a captain. His team selection was bizarre. The batting lineup, bowling lineup, and the bowling changes were also not proper. Most importantly he failed to inspire his team.

There were many moments when he lost his cool. He shouted at his teammates during the strategic timeout during the match against KXIP. He was seen reprimanding the players which made the KKR dugout an unpleasant place.

2.  The Russell Fiasco

Andre Russell was the best player for KKR. He single-handedly won almost all the matches for his team. But in order to qualify for the playoffs, it is important to perform as a team. Russell performed well as an individual but fail to perform as a team member. The Carribean player blamed the team management and the captain about the poor performance of the team.

He also showed his disapproval on the batting order publicly. Russell showed his desire to bat up the order. He certainly destroyed the overall balance of the team. Andre Russell also locked himself in the room out of frustration which had a negative impact on the team.

3. Horrible Team Selections

The team selection was very ordinary throughout the season. The poor selection of the team was one of the major reasons that KKR did not qualify for the IPL playoffs 2019.

Kuldeep Yadav did not have the best of the season but had the team selection and bowling changes would have been better, he would have performed better. Also not playing Sunil Narine at the opener was a bad decision as he gives the momentum to the team and destabilizes the bowler in the early overs. The selection of Gurney over Lockie Ferguson was also surprising. KKR should evaluate their team selection after in the IPL 2019 and make the needful improvements in the next season.

4. The Sad Tale of Uthappa

Robin Uthappa was one of the biggest disappointment of IPL 2019. He has a poor strike rate of 115 in the IPL 2019. This is the first time since 2012 that he scored less than 300 runs in a season. Uthappa was one of the reasons why KKR lost their last chance to qualify for IPL playoffs 2019 against MI.

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