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IPL Unsold XI

IPL Unsold XI

The IPL auction is the news which is trending everywhere. While many players got sold at exuberant prices and some players’ price went unquoted, here are some men who despite of their unquestionable capabilities went unsold this season.



Hashim Amla – Opener, Vice Captain: The South African ‘run machine’ is one of the biggest stars to remain unsold in the IPL auctions this year. It comes as a big surprise considering that 2014 was indeed very incredible for him. He garnered 892 runs, the highest, for his country in ODIs. To everyone’s disbelief, he made to the team of unsold players as an opener.

Kumar Sangakkara-Opener, Wicket Keeper, and Captain: The unsold Sri Lankan star, base price: Rs 1 crore, too came out as a huge revelation. With his ability to hit the ball hard coupled with skilled captaincy and wicket keeping, he had always led his team, stood at the front and batted at the top.

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