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Is Crysis On The Verge Of Being Remastered…

Is Crysis On The Verge Of Being Remastered…

A masterpiece of the first-person-shooter genre, Crysis, might be getting a remaster or sequel announcement sooner than later. The game, which was developed by Crytek, stood out for its spectacular graphics. Not only was it an exceptional first-person shooter on its virtues, but it also required high-end PC hardware.

For the unaware, the Crysis series revolves around a group of military protagonists. Set in the year 2020, in which a United States special forces group known as Raptor Team operates to deter alien aggression. The official Crysis Twitter account broke its three-year-long silence by posting a tweet from it. This has motivated fans of the franchise all across the globe to speculate about a comeback.

A day later, Crysis had this to say.

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‘Maximum’ Comeback For Crysis?

For any Crysis fan, the word “maximum” holds a special place for us. When the game was first released back in 2007, people went crazy over the nano-suit. A futuristic concept that made us feel like we are living in the future, fighting aliens. The first game was all about establishing the fact that this game will verge on a sci-fi story mode. The initial squad included Aztec, Jester, Psycho, Prophet, and the player-character Nomad. After Jester and Aztec’s suspicious and brutal death, the entire team lost their heads. Indeed, it was not the work of humans. They were behind North-Korean enemy lines trying to break General Kyong’s facility. Fast forward to the end of the game, where our heroes manage to defeat the aliens temporarily. The last scene showed them getting back to Prophet, who was still alive. 

With Crysis 2, we saw the scene shift to 2023, where a new virus had taken over the world. The player here is Alcatraz, who is on the verge of dying. He is saved by Prophet, who gives him his nano-suit and commits suicide. Later on, Alcatraz teams up with the creators of the nano-suit to take on the Ceph (aliens). He defeats them successfully. The game ends with Alcatraz promising to continue the war against the Ceph. 


Where Did Crysis Leave Us Hanging? 

The last edition of the game, Crysis 3, saw another time jump, this time to 2047. The setting is still in New York. Prophet is brought back, and New York still encased in a protective dome. He vows revenge on anyone who stood against the human race. 

Crysis 3 ended with an uncertain note, leaving it open for interpretation. The developers confirmed that this was the end of the Crysis Saga and that the next game will not continue where this one ended.

After the tweets, we as fans can only hope and wish that an upcoming Crysis game is in development, or at least in plans. The fans have been waiting way too long to get in that nano-suit again. 


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