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Is Esteban Ocon Focusing On A Potential F1 Return?

Is Esteban Ocon Focusing On A Potential F1 Return?

Esteban Ocon

Young French driver Esteban Ocon had already made a fine impression in the last F1 season. The former Force India Mercedes driver, who scored 49 points and stood twelfth on the Constructor’s last year, was upset and understandably so, having missed out on a seat for the ongoing season.

Had all been right and would’ve happened to have gone in his favor, then we may have seen Esteban Ocon in the current season, perhaps alongside Lance Stroll or Sergio Perez.

And for a moment, one cannot be blamed for thinking that how might have Esteban Ocon performed for the current Racing Point side given how poorly has Perez been performing, of late?

But well, here’s what strikes the mind. Conjecture may never help anyone, least of all any F1 fan or driver. So it’s best we stuck to pragmatism. Right?

Contacted recently regarding the widely-debated subject of harboring a return to the pinnacle of motor-racing, here’s what the man himself had to share:

Our goal, not only mine, is to get back in the car as soon as possible,” Ocon told Autosport.

“At the moment my whole management, including Toto, is working for me to get back in a race seat next year and I think discussions are already starting.

“I think [getting the plans confirmed] as soon as possible, that would be great. That would be the best.

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“I hope my future will be sorted very, very soon.”

The above told, the question that shall now confront Ocon and his management would be the team where Esteban Ocon will be placed for the next season if at all, he’s to return. Surely, by around the concluding stage of every season, one does get to hear about possible additions and subtractions for the next season.

To that end, it doesn’t appear as if Ferrari or Mercedes will be having any seats up for offer unless and until something dramatic is to happen to Vettel’s future. So could Red Bull be an option, given that one’s already begun to hear about the possible exit of Pierre Gasly? In that case, imagine Max and Ocon- not the friendliest of drivers at Mexico 2018- in one team?

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