Is Fortnite Turning Into a Pay to Win Game?

September 2, 2020 10:00 pm

Cosmetics do not provide any competitive advantage in Fortnite. However, according to LazarBeam, this is nothing more than a sales pitch. In his latest video, he debunks one of the most asked questions surrounding the game. Is Fortnite actually a pay to win game?

The trick with the new skins added in the game is the utility that comes with it. LazarBeam found out that the Mystique skin can be used sneakily to lure players. The trick he uses here includes few variables; let’s get down with those.

First and foremost, one has to purchase the Mystique skin. Along with the skin, the emote which allows one to change their appearance is important. This facilitates an easy way to camouflage and fool other players. 

From the perspective of a player who cannot buy skins – this trick definitely feels like Fortnite is a pay to win game.

LazarBeam debunks whether Fortnite is a pay to win game

Not every trick is going to have a skin attached to it, but with the latest Marvel collaboration, anything is possible. Especially with the mythic abilities Epic Games have added in the game. These not only allow players to find loopholes for tricks like these, but also look fancy while doing it. 

Speaking about money, LazarBeam said, “Its amazing the things you can do in Fortnite if you just spend some money.”

The basic trick is to take down the Stark Robots and hack a few of them. Then with the Mystique skin, camouflage into a Stark Robot. This way when the enemy comes, strike upon them with a prepared ambush. 

Silver Surfer skin blends in with the Dr. Doom statue

LazarBeam showed a similar trick to bait people with the Silver Surfer skin. He positioned himself on top of the Dr. Doom statue at Doom’s Domain and became practically invisible. This is another way of showing that buying skins can give one some sneaky tactical advantage. He easily reached top 10 by killing people covertly with this neat little trick. 

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Is the game becoming a paid fest?

With all the cosmetics added in the game, the game is not directly pay-to-win. However, with tricks like these, it seems anyone who spends money will have an advantage over those who don’t. Thus, it seems as if Epic Games is subtly suggesting people to spend money in the game.

With that being the case, several would-be upset as not everyone has the resources to spend. Nevertheless, if one does not figure out these tricks, then the pay to win aspect is undermined. 

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