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Is Sebastian Vettel Growing Disillusioned with Formula One?

Is Sebastian Vettel Growing Disillusioned with Formula One?

During the Canadian Grand Prix, an incident occurred, involving Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel had been struggling, while Hamilton was stalking him like a tiger, when it happened. The Ferrari driver ran wide and attempted to rejoin the track quickly. Lewis Hamilton sensed an opportunity and pounced straightaway.

However, the recovering SF90 squeezed Hamilton towards the wall, a move that did not earn any brownie points with the FIA. As a result of the incident, the FIA punished him with a 5 second time penalty, earning the ire of the fans.

During the press conference, Sebastian Vettel spoke about the need for eliminating political correctness and letting drivers voice their opinions. He spoke about the debate on whether he gained an advantage over Hamilton, or not, when he skittered off the track.

The 4-time World champion affirmed that all this was simply a part of racing, in addition to that, he had no clue where Hamilton was, in relative to him. Sebastian Vettel also mentioned that a number of the older generation of drivers and several fans would agree that it was racing.

Finally, he confessed that he was not a big fan of it and it was not the sport that he fell in love with when he grew up. Also, he was not a big fans of the excessive complaining about other drivers’ antics.

Now, the question is, could Sebastian Vettel be done with Formula One in the near future? The German driver has not won a single championship since 2013, when he was with Red Bull.

Interestingly, former teammate, Daniel Ricciardo had this to say about the incident, “If he pulls a little further to the left, he’ll spin. When he brakes on the grass, he’ll spin too. There was not much room for Lewis but still enough.”

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