Is the Latest Venom Mythic Ability in Fortnite Overpowered?

November 20, 2020 12:33 am

Following the 14.60 update, Fortnite players around the world have been trying out the latest Venom’s mythic ability. From the looks of it, it not only has an innovative concept but an extensive reach with explosive power.

In a recent video, Twitch streamer and content creator SypherPK talked about the latest update and the future of Fortnite.

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Venom’s mythic ability ‘Smash & Grab’ lets players throw a symbiotic arm that smashes through the environment, grabs enemies and pulls them towards the player. Apparently, the arm can break through buildings and its long reach amazed SypherPK.

To avail the mythic ability, just visit Quinjet Patrol Echo 2 and destroy some supply drones that eventually drop the ability.

A few weeks back, Epic Games secretly removed Groot’s Bramble Shield and replaced it with Thor’s hammer. Interestingly, the latest update reciprocates this decision as Groot’s mythic ability returned to the game.

SypherPK reaffirms his theory about season 5 of Fortnite

Following a great Season 4, fan expectations from the upcoming Fortnite season are skyscraping already. Also, Donald Mustard previously confirmed that the upcoming Galactus event will be the game’s “biggest event ever.”

With that being said, SypherPK is adamant in his theory about Fortnite’s season 5. The streamer believes that the Marvel-Fortnite collaboration is far from over and both the franchises have much more to offer.

In hindsight, SypherPK’s claims actually make a lot of sense. Fortnite has been teasing Galactus’ arrival for a long time, and it’s unlikely a single event would be enough to justify the entire buildup. As per the streamer, Galactus will most probably remain undefeated in the event, and Fortnite’s season 5 will continue the Marvel storyline.

Owing to SypherPK’s efforts, fans also witnessed the return of veterans like TimTheTatman and Nickmercs. The former Fortnite content creators not only enjoyed their comebacks but promised to play Fortnite more often.

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Undoubtedly, the Marvel-themed season 4 has done wonders for Epic Games. The game finally looks fresh, and the brilliant roadmap to season 5 significantly adds to it.

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