Israel Adesanya Reacts to “Bad Guy” Colby Covington in a Shocking Manner

By 8 months ago

Colby Covington is arguably the most polarizing personality in the sports of MMA with the heel character he plays every time he is on camera. Some appreciate his way of selling the fight, while some are totally against it. However, UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya has nothing but praise for the gimmick Covington is playing.

“He is the nicest guy”, said Israel Adesanya in a recent podcast with UFC analyst, Joe Rogan.

Rogan claims that Colby Covington is nothing like the character he plays to sell his fight. he also added that UFC was about to cut him before Covington came up with this heel persona.

“That’s an act. That’s a strong act that he put on when they were ready to cut him. You talk to that guy in real life he is very respectful” said Joe Rogan.

Rogan continued:

“It tricks people. Because he seems like a goof. He wears his stupid f***g cheap blue suit, he wears that Maga hat, he has got the old belt, you know it’s not a legit belt, but he did win the interim title and they took it from him. So people think maybe he is illegitimate, maybe he is not real, then he f***s Robbie Lawler up.”

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Colby Covington out classed Robbie Lawler in his last fight in every aspect of the fight game. Covington outwrestled Lawler, and he overwhelmed him with his striking, landing more than 600 total strikes. Though Covington puts on this Bad Guy image for the fans, Adesanya recognizes the skillsets of Covington as he said:

“I was impressed. When he put Robbie against the fence, he was right there slipping and gripping. Everyone has a hole in their game, but he was really impressive, the way he was right there in his face against Robbie Lawler.”

Even with his trash-talking, it is undeniable that he is one of the best welterweights in UFC at the moment. Covington has backed up his trash talk with his performances inside the octagon. However, he might meet his toughest challenge yet when he faces Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title at UFC 245.

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