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Israel Adesanya reacts to Paula Costa’s comments, says Costa has no gas tank

Israel Adesanya reacts to Paula Costa’s comments, says Costa has no gas tank

Israel Adesanya

In a middleweight bout at UFC 241, Paulo Costa faced the veteran, Yoel Romero. And it was nothing but spectacular. Both the fighters fought till the final second and tried to murder each other with powerful and explosive punches.

Paulo Costa had the upper hand in the first two fights, but Romero hurt Costa really bad in the third. The judges thought Paulo Costa did enough to win the match, but the crowd seemed to disagree. However, what happened after the fight involved another individual named Israel Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya

Paulo Costa said that he would kill Adesanya in a fight. Adesanya is too skinny and doesn’t stand a chance against him.

Costa said:

“I can Kill Adesanya, he is too skinny and he doesn’t have a chance against me”

Israel Adesanya is not someone who backs away from a fight. The rising star of UFC, Adesanya has been the talk of the town since he beat the legend, Anderson Silva in Australia. Then Adesanya went on to beat Kevin Gatesalum in probably the fight of the year to become the interim middleweight champion. And now he will be aiming to unify his title by beating the current champion, Robbert Whittaker.

Adesanya reacted to Costa’s comments on him and tweeted :

Well, the feud between Paulo Costa and Israel Adesanya started when Adesanya made some comments about Costa after Costa fought Uriah Hall. Israel called Costa a dinosaur who has no cardio. Costa also took some shot at Izzy after his fight against Gateslum and said Adesanya put on a shit performance in the co-main event of UFC 236.

To that Adesanya replied:

“Hold up, fake champ? Does he have a belt? He wishes he was the ‘fake’ champ as well. First of all, didn’t he get popped for something recently for some acai in his stomach or something?”

And the recent tweet from Adesanya can indicate only one thing. Adesanya for sure watched the fight. And he did watch Costa slowing down a bit as the fight went to the later rounds. So Izzy trying to imply that COsta doesn’t have the gas tank to be in a fight with him. Israel Adesanya also posted a fan’s comment on Costa calling out Adesanya, which implied the same thing.

Israel Adesanya is arguably the best striker in UFC. His striking skills are on another level for sure. However, it’s pretty hard to doubt Costa’s cardio since he went three full rounds with the unstoppable brick wall, Yoel Romero. But it’s fascinating to see these two ignite the fire which may lead to a potential fight between these two.


Israel Adesanya is going to face Robbert Whittaker in the main event of UFC 243. If Adesanya wins he has a few interesting options ahead of him. The Styleblender can move up to challenge heavyweight since these two have been going at each other for a while now. Or Adesanya can fight the next in line for the title. And with a performance like tonight’s Paulo Costa is certainly in that title picture.



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