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Israel Adesanya Stuns Everyone With Jon Jones Call Out Before UFC 243

Israel Adesanya Stuns Everyone With Jon Jones Call Out Before UFC 243

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya will be the part of arguably the biggest event in UFC history when he challenges Robert Whittaker for the middleweight title. Adesanya is a star in the making having won the interim middleweight title. A win over Whittaker would certainly make him one of the greatest to ever do it. However, what’s next for the Nigerian born champion after the win?

The middleweight division is stacked with some tough contender at the moment. Paulo Costa and Jared Cannonier probably stand out from the rest. However, the Last Style Blender has his eyes set on someone very intriguing from the light heavyweight division. Adesanya wants to fight the light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones soon and he also has a venue set in his mind.

Israel Adesanya

Talking about what the fight with Whittaker and getting the undisputed title means to him, Israel Adesanya said:

“Everyone worries about this. So you see a lot of guys get this and they clock the game. That’s it. What now? So I say that’s not the goal. He is not the goal. It’s just like a video game. He is just one boss along the way I got to beat. SO I am gonna get past him and get to the minions I got to beat to get to the next Boss. So I have never really have the belt as the ultimate goal.”

That brought the question, who the final boss fight or the ultimate goal of Adesanya is? Adesanya and Jon Jones have been going at each other for a meaningful period now. It already seemed both the fighters want to fight each other. Well, Adesanya has confirmed that a fight with Jon Jones is inevitable and it’s going to happen very soon. Answering whether Jones is the ultimate goal, Adesanya said;

I won’t say ultimate. But he is definitely a boss in the game I want to play against.” Adesanya also has a venue in his mind for this super fight and it’s Raiders stadium, Las Vegas. 

Although Adesanya has confirmed the fight with Jones, the timeline of the fight is uncertain Middleweight division is stacked with some strong contenders for the title and Adesanya wants to clear out the division before moving up to fight Jones.

“I am saying 2021. Probably early. The way I fight 6 fights in 18 months. I beat this guy in first-second round, get another 5 fights. We will see what happens.”

Israel Adesanya

Although a fight between Jones and Adesanya is appealing, the Last Style Blender, Israel Adesanya will have to overcome one of the greatest middleweight in UFC, Robert Whittaker first coming weekend in UFC 243.

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