‘It All Depends on His Pick Rate’- Shroud Believes This Valorant Agent Might Get Nerfed Soon

Published 07/15/2021, 5:43 AM EDT
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KAY/O is the newest agent in Valorant, that arrived with Episode 3 Act 1. Naturally, pro players and content creators such as Shroud heavily tasted the agent, and soon discovered that it is brilliant.


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Ever since its release, KAY/O has become one of the most picked agents in Valorant. More and more players are starting to pick the machine of war in ranked games. This has started a debate within the community whether Riot Games should already nerf KAY/O or not.

Here’s Shroud’s two cents on the matter.


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Shroud opens up on KAY/O’s versatility in Valorant

When asked about agent nerfs in Valorant, Shroud talked about the perspective of the developers. Apparently, Riot Games only nerfs the agents that have excessively high pick rates. This explains why Jett and Sage have suffered constant nerfs with almost every patch.

“Is KAY/O going to get nerfed? Maybe. It all depends on his pick rate, right? If he has like a 100% pick rate, then absolutely he’ll get nerfed,” said Shroud.

He further added, “That’s how they do balance changes. They do balance changes based on the pick rate. Like, if his pick rate is a 100% always, then yeah, ofcourse, it’s a problem. No character should have a 100% pick rate.”


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However, Shroud thinks that KAY/O won’t have a 100% pick rate, at least in ranked matches. This is only possible in pro gameplays, because the agent can easily stop the opponent team’s push single handedly.

As per the former CS:GO pro, KAY/O can literally suppress a rushing team on any map except Breeze.

“Yeah, I think every map but Breeze, I think KAY/O will be incorporated.”

Will KAY/O have a fate similar to Jett in Valorant?

A viewer soon claimed that Jett has a 100% pick rate in Valorant. Shroud wasn’t surprised to hear this, and then explained how Riot Games is actively trying to nerf Jett with the latest patches.

“They keep nerfing her, and nerfing her, and nerfing her, because she was stupid. And now she’s not a 100% anymore. Yeah, she’s still very good, but she’s not a 100%. That’s all they want. All Riot wants is to not have any character a 100%.”


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Seiji covered Shroud’s opinion on KAY/O in a recent video:

KAY/O is a new agent in Valorant, and a majority of players are still learning how to use it. Hence, it is too soon to assume the agent’s viability in competitive or pro gameplay. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Riot Games nerfs KAY/O soon based on its high pick rate in Episode 3 Act 1.


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