“It Can Only Help For ‘X’ Amount Of Months”- Noah Rubin On Player Relief Fund

May 2, 2020 11:49 pm

The Player Relief Fund has been suggested as the solution by the ATP to help the players affected by the cancellation of tennis. Notably, the lower-ranked players have faced the brunt of the crisis as they were dependent on playing each and every tournament to earn daily bread.

With their source of income gone, they find themselves amidst a cruel reality. All options seem to have been exhausted. The ATP Player Relief Fund was this being seen as the perfect response with it being funded by top players.

However, Noah Rubin, who is also a representative of the lower-ranked players, doesn’t believe the fund has any long term utility. According to him, things need to be seen within a larger perspective. This is what he told Essentially Sports in an exclusive interview.

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What did Noah Rubin say about the impact of Player Relief Fund on tennis?

Noah Rubin believes that the Player Relief Fund can be a short term measure at its best chance.

“Let’s say they manage to, let’s use these numbers of 250 to 700 in the world are going to get five or ten thousand dollars. Yea, I mean it’s great and they need that money, but I think the numbers are off. I do think that 250 to 700 ranking point is off and it’s a little bit skewed. It should be a little bit lower. I don’t know if a guy, 700 in the world deserves the check for that much right now that’s the honest opinion of it all but again you’re talking about five to ten thousand dollars, that’s great a lot of people are not getting that.”

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“But it can only help for ‘x’ amount of months and then after that, we’re going to be in the same situation all over again. So even if tennis comes back I think we have to use this time to make the sport more exciting to bring new fans to the sport. To really break down the sport and what’s wrong with it. So we can have a better sport to come for many many years.”

His main problems are about the security net being stretched out further than needed and the measures not addressing long term problems. As a player who’s faced these problem first hand, his opinion needs to be considered while policymaking. What’s your take on the Player Relief Funds?

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