“It is Confusing to Have Two World Cups”: Rafael Nadal

World No.1 Rafael Nadal proposes to merge the ATP Cup and Davis Cup as he feels no point in having two men’s team tournament so close together. The Spaniard feels that it is not ‘ideal’ to have two team events in a single season.

There is only six weeks gap between the ATP Cup and the revamped Davis Cup and the two events have quite a similar format. While the ATP Cup is the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the Davis Cup Finals is organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

“It’s confusing to have two World Cups”: Rafael Nadal

Many players including Novak Djokovic, Denis Shapovalov, and Nicolas Mahut have raised their concern over two World Cups for Tennis. Nadal also agrees with his fellow mates as he calls for a combined single tournament.

“Yeah, is confusing to have two World Cups of tennis in one month. For me personally, that’s not the ideal situation for our sport. But that’s how it works today,” Nadal said in an interview in Perth.

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Rafael Nadal also thinks that tennis deserves something like a combination of the ATP Cup and Davis Cup into one World Championship.

Davis Cup and ATP Cup

The revamped Davis Cup is an 18-nation competition with the teams divided into six round-robin groups of three teams each. As the World Group taking place as one single tournament, this event is named as the Davis Cup Finals. Rafael Nadal led Spain to clinch the trophy at the first edition of the Davis Cup Finals 2019, last year.

The inaugural edition of the ATP Cup 2020 is scheduled to take place between 3rd and 12th January 2020, being played in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The ATP Cup is a 24-team competition where the teams are divided into six groups of four teams each.

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