“It Is Not His Fault” – Manchester United Star Once Again Comes in Novak Djokovic’s Support

June 30, 2020 10:49 pm

Novak Djokovic recently contracted the Coronavirus. And he was traveling across the Balkans in Europe with his Adria Tour. Four more players got infected in the infamous tour and Djokovic was forced to apologize for the same. Since then he has been on the receiving end of severe criticism.

But he does have some support from his country. Recently the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić took the blame for the tour’s mismanagement in safety. Nemanja Matic, the Serbian footballer has also come out in defense of Djokovic.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Matic defended Djokovic by saying that Serbia is in better shape than other countries. Serbia was locked for three months but after it was lifted people had the freedom to do whatever they want. So Djokovic shouldn’t be unnecessarily blamed.

Nemanja Matic defends Novak Djokovic

“People need to understand that the situation in Serbia was better than here. The country allowed everyone to do whatever they wanted, everything was open, the shopping centers and the restaurants,” said Matic

“So they started to live normal lives because our country was closed for three months completely. But when they opened they said ‘you are more than free to do whatever you want’. Before that tournament, there was a game with 20,000 people and nobody said anything about that.” he added.

Nemanja Matic plays for the English side Manchester United. He has been capped 48 times by the Serbian National Team.

A recent update did come along regarding Djokovic’s health. He still doesn’t feel any symptoms and remains completely isolated. He is complying with the doctor’s recommendations and is recovering well and safely. The Serbian will have his next test taken on July 7th, two weeks after he contracted the disease.

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Due to the pandemic, tennis has stopped. The Adria Tour showed us that we still have to be ultra-careful even if our surroundings are getting better. One mistake can take us all back. Thus the US Open will happen without fans and all strict rules are being applied to safely conduct the tournament

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