“It Looks Worse Than a Mobile Game”- Dr Disrespect Roasts Among Us After Invitation From Valkyrae

December 2, 2020 1:05 pm

It seems that Dr Disrespect just cannot stop disrespecting mobile gaming. Following his comments about mobile gaming ‘not being a real thing’, Doc faced a lot of backlash. This quickly became the talk of the town as a lot of the mobile gamers/creators also spoke up against Doc’s derogatory comments. For his latest act, Doc has taken a dig at one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now.

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Worse than a mobile game”– Dr Disrespect ridicules Among Us

Popular streamer Valkyrae made her usual Among Us stream line-up announcement. It included big names like Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, DrLupo. However, Doc felt the need to jump into the conversation and troll DrLupo.

Although, things took a different turn when Valkyrae invited Doc to play Among Us with her. Instead of politely turning down the invitation, Doc found a way to diss Among Us and mobile games at the same time. He said, “It looks worse than a mobile game.”

Valkyrae had a quick, witty response to that.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Doc has voiced his opinion about Among Us. The game blew up in popularity as top streamers from all over the world teamed up together to play it. However, this did not interest Doc at all.

In fact, while addressing a fan’s question about a possible Among Us stream, Doc mentioned he didn’t even know what the game was about. He also said, “I literally can’t watch people play it for longer than 10 seconds because I just don’t care about it.”

Despite all this, he was still ready to try the game once with PewDiePie. While that may still take a while to materialize, Doc continues to belittle mobile gaming. Although, it seems like his comments are just to build up the anticipation for his first-ever mobile stream.

Big mobile streamers like iFerg have challenged Doc to a game with $100,000 at stake. Considering Doc doesn’t shy away from a challenge, he might just take him up on that. Clearly, there is a lot the fans don’t know about, but Doc will have something big planned for everyone.

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