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“It Was Complicated” – Roger Federer’s Coach Gives Update on His Recovery From Surgery

“It Was Complicated” – Roger Federer’s Coach Gives Update on His Recovery From Surgery

Roger Federer

Swiss Maestro Roger Federer underwent knee surgery shortly after the Australian Open. Since he has undergone this process before back in 2016, many would have expected the process to go quite smoothly. But according to his coach, that has not been the case. Check it out.

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Roger Federer Recovering From Surgery

Due to his knee surgery, Roger Federer was set to miss all the tournaments until the grass-court season. Obviously, that changed because of the coronavirus and he is now taking his time to recover fully at home. In a recent interview with SRF TV, his coach Severin Luthi talked about how the recovery process has been. He said,

Roger Federer did not recover as fast as we expected…There were two weeks where his progress was slower, it was a little complicated, but now everything has accelerated.”

While the recovery process may not have gone as planned, tennis fans will be happy that Roger is recovering well. Many might have assumed that because of the surgery Roger might consider retiring but that is something that is not going to happen in the near future.

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This is because he is involved in the race to become the greatest tennis player of all time or the GOAT. For him to win this race, he needs to end up holding one record and that is the record for the most Grand Slam titles. Currently, he is the one holding the record but he might not hold it any longer.

This is because his rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have gotten extremely close to beating this record in recent years and could very well overtake him. Roger is definitely not going to let that happen.

Just like he did in 2017, he is going to try to make a strong comeback from surgery and pick up some Slams to extend his lead in the race. And he will be able to do that when the ATP Tour returns from its suspension in August.

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